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Outstanding First Aid Training in Leicestershire

KH First Aid Training provides engaging, in-depth first aid training in Leicestershire for a variety of industries. Our team of friendly experts have helped a range of professionals to develop their first aid skills to be able to handle real-life first aid situations in the workplace and beyond.


We have been consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by our attendees, and are committed to delivering accessible courses that develop both confidence and skill. Employers, employees, and other team members can all benefit from feeling competent in a first aid situation.


We offer a range of valuable courses including both mental and physical first aid, paediatric first aid, and first aid at work. Our methods are up-to-date, applicable, and trusted by our expert instructors who have experienced a variety of first aid situations themselves.


We are also pleased to be able to offer the majority of our training ‘in-house’. This means that we can visit your business or place of work in person, minimising travel, disruption, and allowing for the greatest levels of participation.


In-house delivery also allows us to tailor our service to your specific needs and industry. That way you can be confident of receiving the correct training that is relevant and suitable for you.

The Value of First Aid Training in Leicestershire

The workplace is an ever-changing environment where people spend a high proportion of their time. Roles can be demanding — physically, mentally, and emotionally — and it is vital that team members feel supported and safe.


Employers have a duty of care to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, and employees often show their team spirit and commitment to the wellbeing of their colleagues too.


First aid training is a natural extension of this. It equips team members with the knowledge and skills needed to handle stressful first-aid situations in a calm and effective way. By helping others, and improving their own skills and awareness, they can make a genuine impact.


Effectively administered first aid can also help to prevent the progression of critical situation or even a medical emergency. Trained first aid professionals make the workplace safer.


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In-House First Aid Training in Leicestershire

At KH First Aid Training, we recognise the significance of a variety of medical emergencies and first aid situations. These may not only be physical, they may also be mental or emotional. That’s why we provide a range of courses that support physical first aid, mental first aid, and more.


Our First Aid at Work courses are designed to empower people in the workplace to feel confident to handle a first aid situation at work.


We can tailor the training to your specific industry, and also deliver a variety of levels and qualifications — from beginners and refresher courses, to specialised areas such as Forestry First Aid and more.


Our training can equip participants to handle first aid situations such as an unconscious casualty, bleeding, heart attacks, minor injuries, and seizures. Team members who are qualified in these courses can help give a sense of safety and confidence in the workplace.


Our paediatric first aid courses are especially valuable for those who work with children — such as teachers, child minders, or nursery staff. The courses cover a range of first aid situations such as choking, shock, asthma, bleeding, meningitis, and other incidents whether minor or major.


First aid for children can be vital, and also help to prevent a more serious situation or injury. We have a range of courses available in the paediatric first aid field, including one to specifically empower new parents with first aid skills.


We also recognise the impact and significance of mental health in the workplace. We offer first aid courses to recognise and support mental health issues. This process can support the individual and help to alleviate severe suffering and distress.


Our training covers essential elements, including; recognising a range of mental health conditions, stress, understanding the stigma around mental health, initiating a supportive conversation, and signposting an individual to seek professional help.


Mental health issues can have a profound impact on a person’s life, and will affect as many as one in four of us. We believe that our first aid courses for mental health help to foster a positive workplace culture around mental health, and ensure that everyone feels safe and supported.

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The Services We Provide

To discover more about the training we offer, you can visit our dedicated webpage for each area of training — including First Aid at Work, Paediatric First aid, and First Aid for Mental Health.


Here you will discover an overview of the area, the range of training we offer - including levels, qualifications and refresher courses, as well as an overview of the course content itself.


You will learn examples of which first aid situations you will become able to handle, as well as the course lengths and price range.


Don’t forget that you can get in touch with our team at any time to discuss your needs or ask any questions. That way, you can be sure of selecting a training course that is suitable and applicable to you.


You can also read what our happy attendees had to say about our courses on our Testimonials page. We have delivered courses to a range of businesses around the country who have consistently rated us as ‘excellent’. We hope you will be one of them.

Get In Touch If You’re Looking For First Aid Training In Leicestershire!
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