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Outstanding Manual Handling Training in Essex

If you're looking for reputable, effective manual handling training in Essex, you have come to the right place. We are delighted to offer manual handling training that is safe, effective, and fully compliant with all the latest advice.

At KH First Aid Training, we are passionate about safety. Our friendly and professional team offer training courses which are consistently rated as ‘excellent’, and we would love to teach you everything we know.


Proper manual handling is an important aspect of safety in any working environment, but the correct coaching is required to do the handling properly. That’s why we offer manual handling training for you and your team, as well as a range of extensive first aid courses for beginners through to advanced practitioners.

We Offer Manual Handling Training in Essex

Manual handling training refers to the lifting and carrying of objects in a way which is safe for you and others. It is a legal requirement in the workplace for those who are lifting and carrying items to be competent in the correct techniques - but it is also vital for their health.


It is currently estimated that a high percentage of workplace injuries are due to manual handling not being performed correctly, and that this can be prevented with the right training. Mistakes in lifting leads to injuries — whether major or minor — and create significant strain on both the employees and the business.


There is an accepted way to approach manual handling safely — especially with lifting techniques such as ‘TILE’ and ‘LITE’, which help people to remember and implement the safe order in which to lift.


Our courses teach participants everything they need to know about safe manual handling. This not only helps to prevent their own injuries, but it keeps others safe too.


The Importance of Manual Handling Training

Manual handling does not only refer to extremely heavy or frequent lifting; it can be a regular part of any working day, and not just in industries associated with heavy lifting, such as construction. Even in an office environment, employees may be required to lift boxes, files, stock, equipment, and more.


Our techniques and training are suitable for any workplace, and all members of personnel. Whether lifting is integral to their role, or merely an irregular occurrence, performing it securely and safely is always of paramount importance.


You will learn how to prevent injury, correct postural bad habits and issues, increase safety, and improve the ease with which you lift items. This has great short-term benefits for your comfort and capability in the workplace, while delivering long-term benefits too.


Through preserving your health and body by protecting the joints, ligaments, and spine, you are less likely to experience the health problems associated with manual handling, later down the line.


We are delighted to have assisted a wide variety of businesses in their first aid and manual handling techniques, increasing their safety and security in the workplace. We would love to discuss how we could help you and your team achieve the same.

Our Services

We offer a range of courses in first aid and safety related subjects. We offer extensive first aid at work courses, paediatric first aid courses, and also first aid for mental health, as well as manual handling training.


Our first aid at work courses are offered at a variety of levels, aimed at beginners, intermediate, and more advanced. Our instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced, having handled a range of real-life first aid situations in the workplace and beyond.


Participants will learn about caring for an unconscious casualty, managing bleeding, choking, shock, seizures, heart attacks, burns, falls, and other injuries. A serious situation can be prevented from becoming an emergency with correctly administered first aid.


Our paediatric first aid courses are ideal for those who work regularly with children, such as teachers, child minders, and tutors, but are also highly suitable for parents.


Our popular first aid for mental health courses are designed to improve the understanding and support for mental health issues in the workplace. With approximately 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental health issue at some point in our lives, this is a growing issue.


Our training and courses can empower both you and your team to feel confident and capable dealing with stressful situations that require quick thinking and knowledge. Our courses are practical, memorable, and taught by experienced professionals, so you can be sure of a great experience.


Our manual handling training helps to ensure fewer accidents and health problems associated with manual handling in the workplace. Many manual handling injuries are entirely preventable with the right training, and we are pleased to support workplaces in their drive for safety.


If you would like assistance in selecting a course that is suitable for you and your team, you can browse the details on our website or else get in touch with our team.

Find Out More

We would be delighted to help you discover which course would be suitable for you. Whether you are seeking manual handling training, first aid training, or more, get in touch with one of our friendly team today to discuss your options.


You can call us 07796 274062, or send an email enquiry to Alternatively, quickly and easily fill out our online contact form. Simply leave your name, contact details, and enquiry in the comments box and we will be back in touch at your earliest convenience.


We would be happy to answer any questions about our services, and help you to select an option that’s right for you.


You can also read reviews and testimonials from our happy and satisfied customers, all of whom have completed and benefited from our courses and training. We hope you will be one of them.

Get in touch to discuss manual handling training in Essex today!


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