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Covid-19 and Sepsis – Time To Be Aware!

Sepsis has been tied to a number of Covid-19 deaths across the world, with an article in the Lancet medical journal detailing how sepsis was frequently identified among patients who died as a result of contracting the virus. The research also found that all patients who died in Wuhan by February of this year had developed sepsis.

Whilst there is on-going research regarding the correlation between the two, including the funding by the Ministry of Defence towards the development of a test which predicts whether Covid-19 patients will go on to develop sepsis or not, for the layperson, education and having an awareness of Sepsis has never been so important.

With 5 people in the UK dying of Sepsis every hour, it’s worth taking the time to understand more about Sepsis (including the signs and symptoms), by visiting:


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