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Managing Your Mental Health in Times of Crisis

Before we begin to understand ways in which we can improve our mental health, it’s important for us to know that each and every one of us has mental health, and that the first step to ensuring positive wellbeing is to recognise this, and appreciate that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health.

We would not ignore an issue with our physical health, and therefore we should treat our mental health with the same respect.

Even before the emergence of COVID-19, it was readily accepted that 1 in 4 of us would experience a mental health issue at some point. Post pandemic, the W.H.O. (among other professional bodies) have said this is set to increase considerably.

Are you someone who is experiencing poor mental health, either because of the current situation, or perhaps due to other issues? If not, maybe you know someone who is struggling with their mental health.

Whether it is yourself or someone you know who may be experiencing mental health problems, the 5 strategies below can decrease stress levels and improve mental wellbeing.

GET ORGANISED make sure you have a routine and stick to it. Create a schedule for your whole week ahead, if this would help you. Ticking completed tasks off a list is therapeutic, but be realistic – don’t create a list which is so long, it will be impossible to complete.

STAY CONNECTED as human beings we are sociable animals, so keep in touch with your friends and family. Technology provides us with so many more possibilities to connect than it did even 10 years ago. Use these to your advantage!

DON’T BE A NEWS JUNKIE – stay informed, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself with information.

EXCERCISE – choose the exercise which is right for you. It may be cycling, yoga, walking or Zumba. Anything goes! For those who are not as mobile, chair-based exercises are amazingly beneficial. Check out this website for more information. The founder of the company, Kam, conducts both virtual and face to face chair-based classes, and the results are amazing!

IF YOU ARE ANXIOUS, TRY BREATHING TECHNIQUES – sit down, ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing and take long deep breaths for several minutes, until you start to feel more relaxed.

These simple steps can really help , but if you or someone you know is suffering, it is important that you reach out to those around you (being emotionally genuine is hugely important) and seek professional advice from your GP, or from professional organisations, such as Mind, the mental health charity.

More than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and those around us!


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